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anxiety about dating EFT Therapy

EFT For Anxiety and More... 

What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT has been a game changer and made such a positive impact on myself and my clients

I decided to use it on myself for a “chocolate addiction” that was getting out of hand!

As funny as it may seem it really was affecting my health, apart from the chocolate I was eating a pretty healthy diet.

What started out as a bit of chocolate after dinner, soon turned into a choc fest, my other half and myself would eat loads of it then turn to each other and laugh saying we felt sick! I’d find myself eating it as a reward, it crept into my lunchtimes, I was one step away from eating chocolate for breakfast and I just could not stop myself from eating it!


I’d already been using EFT for Anxiety, grief, distress and all kinds of emotional issues with success

that gave me goosebumps and my clients such relief.

EFT Therapy to cure chocolate addiction

So, I decided to be my own guinea pig and use EFT on  myself around my ”over enthusiastic love of chocolate”.

I used it in exactly the same way I do for my lovely clients. At the end I couldn’t say I felt much. Did I crave chocolate, no, but it was definitely linked to other habits, like tea/ coffee AND chocolate.

The interesting thing was I hardly noticed the lack of cravings.  One day when my blood sugar was low, I needed to get something to eat, my only option was chocolate so I bought a bar thinking, oh here we go, one sniff and I’ll be back in the thick of chocolate heaven before I know it!

The strange thing was, I ate three pieces and didn’t really fancy the rest. I put it in my bag where it survived for so long I thought I’d better eat it before it went off! I ate the remaining half and never really thought about it again until a fellow counsellor asked me how my chocolate cravings were a few months later. I hadn’t really noticed the loss of it, so I said, Oh!, I’m really not bothered about chocolate any more, I can eat a bit if I want to, but I honestly have never had any more of those cravings, the type that you just cannot stop!

Everything I do as a counsellor is strictly confidential so I can’t talk about my clients individual cases but my experience is I have never been thanked so much by clients who came to session in overwhelm, anxiety and distress and

leave smiling, saying they feel so much lighter and can breathe again.


I’ve used it for migraine pain on myself with great results, I’ve used it for kicking what my clients call bad or unwanted habits, Anxiety around illness, the pain of a relationship ending, the list goes on and on. It is the one modality that has amazing results in a single session.


I just want to say at this point what an absolute sceptic I was when I trained in this modality. I accidentally stumbled upon the course when looking for professional development training  that counsellors need to keep up with as part of our ACA membership requirements. 

EFT doesn’t care if you believe in it or not because

it worked on me regardless and I absolutely know I didn’t think it would work!

So, how does EFT work?

It works like acupuncture but on your emotions in fact it uses the same meridian points and you learn how to use it on yourself as part of the session except there are definitely no needles involved!


Each round of EFT peels away an emotional layer to get a deeper understanding of what lies in the subconscious. We work together to unhook the emotion from the trauma, phobia, craving, anxiety, grief or stress.


We always end on a positive round and by using EFT this way it’s been a game changer for so many people.

You are welcome to contact me with any questions that you have 

or you can strike while the iron is hot and book a one of session here.

Sessions are 1.5 hours which consists of half an hour of talking about what you’d like to change and an hour of EFT.

 EFT via Zoom ( video) works just as effectively as Face to Face sessions, so you don’t need to live on the Sunshine Coast to be able to experience this game changer.

Celebrating life changes

“I love my time with Amanda and have had such amazing success with our counselling sessions and EFT.

Who would have thought one could eliminate negative thought patterns and addictions so easily with this approach.


Truly life changing!"


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