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book on dating tips by dating coach

Are you ready to have an amazing love life in just 30 days?

Do you keep repeating the same dating/relationship patterns that never work out?

Do you think...

“Why can’t I find the love of my life?”

“Why does it seem so easy for other people?”

“What’s wrong with me?”

“When is it my turn?”

You’re definitely not alone.

The same happened to me and I was so frustrated by the repeated failed relationships with men who turned out to be the very men that I wanted to avoid that I did something about it.

I spent years researching the psychology of dating,

what we need to know in order to find the perfect person for us and what we need to avoid and of course how to spot that.

By developing my own strategy that changed my love life forever,

I’d discovered a strategy that could be tailored to

fit each woman and attain the same fabulous results.



dating tips for women by dating coach

There’s a way to approach dating that will leave you feeling empowered, capable, relaxed and trusting in your own decisions.

The truth is it’s not just about the people we date, but also about us.

We need to grow and transform into the person we really want to be.

I can help you to:

  •  step away from that baggage,

  •  free yourself of anxieties around dating and relationships,

  •  change the behaviour that is no longer serving you.

All this in just 30 days!

My course consists of 30 days of
dating coaching/counselling,

the ratio of each will be tailored perfectly to your
individual circumstances and needs.

  • You will undertake personality profiling, attachment type profiling.

  • You will be guided with 4 weekly one to one sessions where we transform you and your dating life forever.

  • We will look at any self-limiting beliefs that may be holding you back

  • I’ll help you to let go of resentment towards past relationships

  • I’ll help you to silence of your inner critic and replace her with a great friend.

  • I’ll help you to be your best authentic self

  • I’ll help you to let go of  any anxiety you may have. I use Emotional Freedom Technique and it’s very powerful at reducing stress and anxiety in as little as one session. I can also teach you how to use it yourself  should future anxieties arise.

Together will we document past relationship details so we can look for patterns and look at the reason you were subconsciously or consciously drawn to the wrong people.

I will help you to be clear what you really want in your future life and life partner, what your core values are, what your non-negotiables look like.

You will have worksheets for each future date to document your thoughts and feelings.

​I will show you how to not only

make boundaries

but how to be empowered to hold them strong.

You’ll have my book to keep and

remind you of the strategy

so you’ll never be without it!

My Story:

I used to call myself “Flypaper for Freaks”, because as far as I was concerned I attracted them like moths to a flame.


I was beyond frustrated.

The harder I tried to get it right it seemed the worse the men were.

I felt hopeless.

Why did it seem so easy for other women?

Were they settling?

With every passing year it seemed to only get worse so I became determined to work out why.

The fact that it was something to do with me and I was subconsciously choosing these man was very hard pill to swallow.

I was trying sooo hard not to pick them!

cheerful-middleaged-man-pouring-wine-into-glasses-during-romantic-date-kitchen (1).jpg
my story about dating disasters

Breaking my own rules....
and how did that work out?

I read and researched everything I could about dating, relationships, attachment style, personality disorders, unhealthy relationships, psychopaths and more!

I continued to date testing out each of my latest strategies to see how they would alter my dating experiences.

After years of perfecting my strategy I realised that I was not exactly sticking firmly to the rules I’d made.


I was getting distracted by good looking, charming men who were if the truth be told, completely unsuitable. I decided to cut them out of my dating life and to stick rigidly to the dating strategy that I had created for myself.


I gave myself 4 weeks of dating as many men as I could.


I was so over dating and I figured I was more likely to meet my perfect match if I met lots of new men.

In week three, I met Dan.


It should have been week 2, but Dan cancelled our first date!


Dan was everything I’d hoped for in a relationship and more. I never knew a relationship could be this good and with years under our belt, I can still say the same today.

What did I do so differently?


I will transform your dating experience so that you can stop wasting precious time and emotional energy on men who don’t deserve your love.





Hell Yeah!

Time to invest in your happiness

Book your discovery session today!

Your Investment

Initial Discovery Session:

This is the start of your exciting journey. 


It's an  in depth 1.5 hour session where we discover where you are now, where you'd like to be. It ensures that we have a good rapport and that this journey is the right path for you at the right time.

I will always be honest if I feel you are not yet ready for this journey and always willing to help  you in other ways.

The cost is $199 and it's 100% redeemable against the cost of the course.

The 30 days to change your love life forever course costs $1345 in total or $1146 when you redeem your discovery session cost. I  offer both Afterpay and Paypal in 4, to make the course as accessible as possible for everyone. 

Are you ready to invest in your future right now?

Book your Initial discovery session today.

I designed this course for women who are ready to meet the love of their life.

So if that’s you, awesome!


We combine the course with dating coaching and counselling, unpack your dating history and accurately assess what you want and don’t want.

We look at your attachment style and personality profile to see who you should look for and who you should avoid.

I give you worksheets to continue using after the course is over and you are ready to find your perfect partner!


And you know, you are welcome to continue with our sessions after the 30-day course if you feel you’d like continued support whilst you are dating. I’d love to be there for you, if needed.

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