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How to make the most of your counselling session

A few tips to help with your booking...

What to expect at your first Counselling session?

Face to face Counselling:

It’s natural to feel nervous or uncertain about your first counselling session. These guidelines are to help you to know what to expect and what happens during your first counselling appointment.


When you arrive I will welcome you in and invite you to have a drink of tea, coffee or something cool. You are welcome to bring your own drink if you’d prefer.


I will invite you to sit down and give you a copy of the counselling contract, I will go through it with you, to make sure you are happy to proceed.


I will then invite you to tell me why you came to counselling and what you’d like to talk about. It’s useful to think about this before hand, you can bring notes if that would help you to write it down.


I’m here to listen without judgement in a safe, empathic, supportive  and confidential environment.


Please feel free to email any other questions you may have before your initial appointment.

guidelines for online appointments

Guidelines for Telephone or  Online Appointments

We can maximise our online experience if we both:


  • Ensure that you have a private and quiet place for our meeting.


  • Have all that you have all that you need at your fingertips, for example; notes, books, pad, pen and a drink.


  • Remove distractions, ensure that the TV, radio, or other computer applications are turned off.

  • Have had a few minutes to prepare yourself before meeting, so that you are relaxed and focused, not rushed with scattered thoughts.


Please feel free to email me any other questions you may have about your first counselling appointment.

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